'Fainted Signal' (Fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees and communities of Masafer Yatta)

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'Fainted Signal', 2021
Hand-embellished etching on paper
52x22 cm
Edition of 20


Over the past few weeks the world has witnessed yet again the hell that is war. At the mercy of a megalomaniac, Putin's war on Ukraine has brought to thousands of deaths and other people's lives being shattered. The numbers of people being internally displaced and fleeing Ukraine for their lives is reaching a staggering height. 

I'm offering this print for sale with 50% of proceeds going to benefit SAFEBOW (https://safebow.org/), a spontaneous and grassroots initiative that is operating as a mutual aid in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. A network of people have been working to provide transport, lodging, food, and medical supplies to all those in need, prioritizing at risk populations, including children, LGBT, BiPOC, elderly, and disabled individuals.

I'll be donating the remaining 50% of the proceeds from this print to the ACRI (https://www.english.acri.org.il/), who are at the forefront of the legal battle and representing the Palestinian communities of Masafer Yatta in an important upcoming Israeli Supreme Court hearing.

On March 15th, the hearing will rule on whether or not the Masafer Yatta area will be declared as a 'firing zone', which technically is an area in which military training/practices takes place (illegal by international law on occupied land, I might add), but de facto is a method to displace Palestinian life in the region.
Comprised of 12 villages and roughly 1300 residents, this court ruling could lead to the largest expulsion of Palestinians in years.

The communities of Masafer Yatta in the South Hebron Hills have been peacefully resisting the gradual dispossession of their land for years, persisting bravely in spite of Israeli military occupation, armed settler violence, denial of access to electricity and water, demolitions, and restricted movement.

While the circumstances and stories of these two realities are different, I don't aim to draw comparisons, but rather touch on the various ways in which imperialism, colonialism and military occupation take a drastic toll on the lives of normal people, forcing them into unimaginable situations.